Mandalay hill, 230 meters in elevation, has for long been a holy mount and legend has it that the Buddha on His visit had made a prophecy that a great city would be founded at its foot. Approximately half-way up the hill the Shweyattaw Temple houses a large golden standing statue of the Buddha commissioned by King Mindon. Here is also the Su Taung Pyi (or Sutaungpyai) and Two Snake Pagoda (Mway-hniq-kaung-hpaya). The Shwekyimyint Pagoda contains the original Buddha image consecrated by Prince Minshinzaw during the Pagan period; and the Mahumuni Pagoda or ‘Great Pagoda’, houses the famous and revered Mahumuni image. The Kuthodaw Pagoda, called ‘the world’s biggest book’, has 729 marble slabs that surround the central pagoda – they are inscribed with the entire Buddhist canon.

Mandalay Period