Zojoji was built in the year 1393, and was moved to its present location in 1598. It is the main temple of the Buddhist Jodo sect in the Kanto area. Tokyo Tower now stands just next to the temple. After Tokugawa Ieyasu moved to Edo (former name of Tokyo) in 1590, the Zojoji Temple became the Tokugawa family temple. A mausoleum of the Tokugawa family can be found on the temple grounds, and the crest of the Tokugawa family still decorates the temple buildings. The Sanmon, the main gate to the Zojoji Temple, was built in 1605. It is constructed in a Chinese Tang Dynasty style and is a rare example of early Edo-period architecture. All the other buildings on the grounds were destroyed during 1945 air raids.

Main Temple of Jodoshu of Buddhism