Located some 130 kilometres from Hà Nội in Vũ Thư District of Thái B́nh Province, Keo Pagoda (Thần Quang Tự) is thought originally to have been built between 1133-1154 by one Dương Không Lộ, a monk and famous doctor who, after successfully treating King Lư Thần Tông (1133-1138) from a serious disease, was then honoured by the King with the title of Quốc Sư (Royal Teacher) and provided with money and land to build the pagoda. Bordering the Red River, the pagoda covers an area of 7,200 square metres. The two passages which separate the pagoda and temple areas have curved roofs that join together at the 11.5 metre iron wood bell tower; this has three storeys, each storey with its own tiled roof and bronze bell. Keo Pagoda preserves one of Việt Nam's few surviving sets of rod puppets.

Vietnamese Famous Pagodas