Text Hong Ying Ming (1560-1615)
Calligraphy Lee Siu Leung (1943)
Painting Fu Yi Yao (1947)

People know how to read a book with words
but not a book without words.
People know how to play a stringed instrument,
but not one without strings.
If you only know how to recognize something practical
and nothing spiritual,
how can you appreciate
the wonders of music and books.

Without materialistic desires,
the mind is like the autumn sky
and an open ocean.
Just sit down
with good music and a book,
I can be a Saint in a hideaway.

Don't have to stretch your mind too far,
nor too many things to keep.
A couple of rocks on a shallow dish
can assume miles of mountains and rivers.
A couple of words and statements can reveal
the mind of a great saint.
Knowing it shows the insights of an intellectual