Spring comes with its flowers, autumn with the moon,
summer with breezes, winter with snow;
when useless things don't stick in the mind,
that is your best season.

(The Light Inside the Dark )

The spring flowers, the autumn moon;
Summer breezes, winter snow.
If useless things do not clutter your mind,
You have the best days of your life.

(Two Zen Classics )

Hundreds of spring flowers; the autumnal moon;
A refreshing summer breeze; winter snow;
Free thy mind of all idle thoughts,
And for thee how enjoyable every season is!

(Essays in Zen Buddhism )

Hundreds of flowers in the spring, the moon in the autumn,
A cool breeze in summer; and snow in winter;
If there is no vain cloud in your mind
For you it is a good season.

(Zen Comments on the Mumonkan )

In spring hundreds of flowers,
In summer, refreshing breeze.
In autumn, harvest moon,
In winter, snowflakes accompany you.
If useless things do not hand in your mind,
Every season is a good season.

(Zen Word )

Spring has its hundred flowers,
Autumn its moon.
Summer has its cooling breezes,
Winter its snow.
If you allow no idle concerns
To weight on your heart,
Your whole life will be one
Perennial good season.

(The Golden Age of Zen 286-7)