Before middle age – Do not fear!
After middle age – Do not regret!
Enjoy Your Life While You Can

Do not wait til you cannot even walk just to be sorry and to regret.
As long as it is physically possible, visit places you wish to visit.

When there is an opportunity, get together with old classmates, old colleagues & old friends.
The gathering is not just about eating; it’s just that there is not much time left.

Money kept in the banks may not be really yours.
When it is time to spend, just spend, & treat yourself well as you’re getting old .

Whatever you feel like eating, just eat! It is most important to be happy.
Food which are good for health – eat often and more - but that is not everything.
Things which are not good for health - eat less and once in a while - but do not abstain from them totally.

Treat sickness with optimism. Whether you are poor or rich,
Everyone has to go through the birth, aging, sickness and death.
There is no exception, that’s life. Do not be afraid or worried when you are sick.
Settle all the outstanding issues before hand and you will be able to leave without regret.
Let the doctors handle your body, God handles your life & loves you, but be in charge of your own moods.

If worries can cure your sickness, then go ahead and worry.
If worries can prolong your life, then go ahead and worry.
If worries can exchange for happiness, then go ahead and worry.