Located on Songnisan Mountain National Park (Chungjeongbuk), Popchusa (or Beojusa) is believed to have been founded in 553 AD, during the reign of King Chinhung. It was built by monk Uisinjosa, 24 years after Buddhism was first introduced to the Shilla Kingdom. There is a record which states that, at times, 3,000 monks lived here. There are many cultural assets in Popchusa . Among them are Taeungjon Hall (one of the three greatest Buddhist halls in Korea), Sachonwangmun Gate, Sachonwang-sokdung Lantern, Palsangjon Hall, Ssangsaja-sokdung Stone Lantern and Sokyonji Pond, as well as some natural monuments. There is also a famous 108-foot-high bronze statue of Buddha. The Songnichukchon Festival is held at the temple every year in April by the lunar calendar.