There are 6 names called for this Pagoda: Thanh Đạo Tự , Pháp Vũ Tự , King Pagoda , Bà Pagoda , Dâu Pagoda , Diên Ứng Pagoda . The Pagoda is situated in Dâu, Bắc Ninh Province. Built in the 3rd century, Dâu Pagoda is the oldest pagoda in Việt Nam. In the beginning, the pagoda was a Buddhist center well known throughout the country and abroad. At the end of the 4th century, Ch’an Master Vinitaruci gave lectures and the first Vietnamese Buddhist doctrine was produced there. Mạc Đĩnh Chi enlarged the pagoda in the 14th century and the pagoda underwent several renovations during the following centuries. In the pagoda’s yard, there is a three - storey tower called Ḥa Phong. In the tower, there is a large bell produced during the Cảnh Thịnh Dynasty (1793), a big bronze gong produced during the 18th year of the reign of Minh Mạng (1817) and statues of Pháp Vân, Kim Đồng, and Ngọc Nữ, followers of the Goddess of Mercy according to Buddhist legends.

Dau Pagoda