Netherlands is a small country on the North Sea in northwestern Europe. It is bordered by Belgium and Germany. The Netherlands is often called Holland, but the people of the Netherlands call themselves Nederlanders. They are also known as the Dutch. Windmills have always played a great part in the life of Holland and its inhabitants. In the Dutch landscape the windmill is symbolic of the gravity of the Dutch character. They form an important element in the Dutch landscape which is unique in the world, with their wide horizons, their glittering waters and big clouds floating overhead. Windmills existed in Holland from about 1200. At one time there was over 9000 windmills in the Netherlands. Now there are less than 1000 windmills left. They have been there for a few hundred years. The Zaan-area became world-famous because of them. Today, there are only 13 left from the original 1000.

Windmill of Amsterdam
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